What happens during Periodontal Maintenance?

Getting a periodontal treatment soon? Better late than never!

You might know that periodontal treatment is an advanced treatment of periodontal infections.

Excessive bacteria residing on your gum line works gradually to carve their way to your jaw bone and tissues. The bacteria form pockets under your gum line which can lead to critical dental issues.

Periodontal maintenance is a lengthy process that involves various steps to help clean your gum line. It is also known as deep dental cleaning. You might need to visit your dentist frequently.

Nope, it is NOT regular cleaning. The process is not entirely different, but as we have discussed before, it is ADVANCED!

The procedure of Periodontal Maintenance


Firstly, your dentist will examine your dental health situation to customize the procedure.

First step:

Once your dentist analyzes the intensity of your periodontal disease, your treatment starts!

Cleaning above the gum line is the first step of treatment. Your dentist will get rid of all the plaque and tartar residing on your gum line.

This process is known as supragingival cleaning.

(Yes, it is also a step of regular dental cleaning.)

Second step:

From this step, the REAL treatment begins!

It is the process in which your dentist will remove the pockets of bacteria (forming tartar) below your gum line.

This process is known as subgingival cleaning!

(You might feel slight uneasiness, which is completely normal. Your dentist might give some anesthetic shots to numb the surface.)

Third step:

This has to be the most important step of the treatment, Scaling and Root Planing helps in eliminating the slightest traces of bacteria from the root. This process involves smoothing the tooth root.

This will eliminate the bacteria below the gum line.


If your gums are sore, or sensitive, some painkillers would be helpful. However, your dentist might also recommend some medicated mouthwash or toothpaste to add to your dental care regime. Or, your dentist might prescribe some medicated gel to apply on your sensitive gums.

These additional steps will help to complete the treatment and minimize the pain.

X-ray examination:

Post periodontal cleaning, you can expect some additional x-ray and examinations to calculate your position.

An x-ray will help in determining the health of your bone and gums, and it will also be essential to determine the weak spots in your mouth. Routine x-rays can help you dodge upcoming adversity.

Periodontal maintenance aftercare:

Congratulations on this milestone! You took a big step towards the promotion of better oral health. After the treatment, you will have to follow these steps to make sure you enjoy the best results.

  • Avoid eating solid food for a few hours, or until the numbness vanishes.
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater.
  • Cold compress would help you get rid of swollen gums.
  • Use your prescribed medicines.
  • Some bleeding is normal (but if it gets worse, you can seek immediate dental care in Dallas).

All that matters is your oral health and its betterment. However, we advise you to visit us, your dentist in Dallas, to seek the best dental care! We care about you. Call us now!

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