Types of Dental Fillings

How do you cure tooth decay in an early stage?

With the help of tooth fillings!

You can also fill cracks in your tooth and restore your broken tooth with dental fillings.

There are many different types of dental fillings available. Let’s discuss the top five filling materials!

Old is gold…

Gold has been a consistent part of dentistry since the 7th century AD. It lasts for more than 20 years.

The most important part of gold fillings is that they can endure pressure. Gold filling is unbreakable. Also, it doesn’t corrode.

However, some people do not like the idea of gold coloured dental fillings and prefer more natural-looking dental fillings.

But, if you can bear the expense of gold fillings you can get it for your molars at least!

The silver gold!

What is the second commonly known mineral after gold…you know the answer: SILVER.

Yes, you can also get silver dental fillings. They are durable and last for more than 15 years. They are as durable as gold; but less expensive than gold.

Despite the fact that the silver feeling does not match the natural tooth colour, people get it for its strength.

If you are allergic to silver, nevertheless you can choose other dental filling types.

The modern-day sensation!

Before composite resin, gold and silver were commonly used as dental fillings. When composite resin arrived, everyone was awestruck by its qualities, especially its aesthetics.

It offers the closest shade to your natural teeth. They also support your teeth by bonding with them micro-mechanically.

Despite the fact that composite is not as durable as gold or silver, people choose it because of its versatility and to get a better smile.

Also, for composite, you might have to save twice as much money as required for amalgam fillings.

A drawback of composite filling is that it has a porous surface which makes it less stain resistant.

The ceramic fillings!

Ceramic filling is not as common as composite but they exist. It is made from porcelain. It is reported that a ceramic filling lasts for around 15 years.

And, yes they are expensive too. Are you curious to know why?

Well, because ceramic feelings are more stain resistant than composite fillings. So, if you are fond of red wines and coffee, you can have ceramics!

…and it also offers the natural teeth shade! A treat, no?

What about the Glass Ionomer?

Glass ionomer fillings are made from acrylic and glass material of any specific type. Dentists usually use glass ionomer below the gum line.

It is also very common in paediatric dentistry. Why? Because when glass ionomer filling makes a bond with the tooth enamel, it starts producing fluoride…which in turn helps to combat tooth decay. So, your child will be safe from future bacteria invasions too!

They are not durable enough, and they last up to 5 years only.

All these types of dental fillings are used to treat different cosmetics and oral health problems. None of them has big risks but the benefits are truly visible.

Call your cosmetic dentist in Dallas to know more about dental fillings because they can change your life.

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