Treatments For Broken Tooth

Despite being one of the strongest parts of our mouth, a tooth can crack, chip, or break…

In such situations, one must never freak out. The pain might be immense, but you can get in touch with your dentist in Dallas to repair your broken tooth.

Your dentist in Dallas will suggest a few treatments depending on the complexity of the task.

Let’s have a look at the treatments that can amend broken teeth.

Fill it up!

If your teeth get chipped, or cracked, your dentist will fill them up.

With the help of dental fillings, your dentist can restore 98% of your natural teeth. Mostly, a dental filling treatment takes one dental visit. There are different types of dental fillings available for the job. Your dentist is free to use inlays too.

…and your dentist will opt for dental fillings only if the fracture is minor.

Dental bondings are also a viable option in fixing broken teeth. When the front teeth break, your dentist applies dental bonding.

The material seamlessly blends in with the natural teeth, and restores your broken tooth as well.

You deserve a crown!

Breaking a tooth is an achievement. You must be doing something whacky and broke the tooth. Now, your dentist will repair your broken tooth with a dental crown.

A crown is a thin tooth-like hollow cap made from porcelain. It is used to cover the teeth from the top to the bottom.

Your dentist (endodontist) might also perform root canal therapy to place a post in the root canal. This post will support the dental crown.

Root canal is also performed if the pulp is exposed to the bacteria. This happens if the tooth break exposes the pulp. To save your pulp tissue, your dentist will remove it.

Is it a deep fracture?

If your tooth breaks below the gum line, your dentist might perform dental implant surgery.

Prior to the dental implant, a laser gingivectomy would be performed. It is the process of adjusting the gingiva level with a laser. This process gives a green signal to your dentist to repair your broken teeth.

If the fracture is very deep, your dentist will also repair the gum and bone around the tooth.

Seek help from a cosmetic treatment!

When your front tooth is chipped, there is no better treatment than dental veneers.

Veneers are thin tooth-like shells made from porcelain, when attached to the front teeth, it makes them look like a healthy, natural tooth.

Your dentist will remove a smart portion of the tooth enamel to attach a dental veneer to your teeth. The process of attaching dental veneers will take some weeks. Meanwhile, your dentist will prescribe some painkillers to reduce the pain caused by broken teeth.

They last longer than 10 years. So, you might be able to build a long-term relationship with them…

Which treatment do you think is perfect for you? If you can’t tell, your dentist in Dallas will surely be able to answer it.

To know answers and get treated, call us now to schedule your appointment.

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