Instant Teeth Whitening For All Occasions

A big day ahead, but your teeth are NOT looking their best? Teeth whitening is indeed the best option in such situations…

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment with one aim: to provide you with pearl-like shiny and bright teeth. So, you can look your best in that special dress! Many people think that teeth whitening is something they can perform at home easily. But, let’s have a look at what a professional teeth whitening looks like.

Teeth Whitening Procedure:

Teeth whitening in Dallas is performed with these basic yet complex steps when carried out by a professionalist, which could result in perfection.

Choosing the perfect shade…

So, everyone has different preferences. Therefore, your dentist will ask you to choose one shade for your teeth. And, following all the precautions, your dentist will prepare your mouth for a teeth whitening procedure.

Let the polishing begin!

After you choose your preferred shade, your dentist will polish your teeth with a fluoride liquid. This will help in reducing all the yellow color on your teeth. And after this step, your dentist will place a Gingivitis Barrier on both the upper and lower part of teeth to protect the gums.

Bleach, bleach, and bleach…

Now that the Gingivitis Barriers have hardened, your teeth are ready to receive the next step. It takes 90 minutes on average to complete this process. A concentrated whitening gel is used on your teeth. And if you want awesome results, we can also use our special light.

Microabrasion, what?

Well, it is yet another important step of teeth whitening service. How do you remove those stains which cannot be removed by a regular fluoride gel?

Microabrasion is the answer! It is an EXTRA step and usually takes 15-16 days. This process includes a special blemish removal liquid to remove the dark brownish stains.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare:

After getting a teeth whitening service, and spending an amount on the treatment, you wouldn’t want it to go down the drain. Therefore, your dentist will recommend avoiding certain types of food for a while, and follow a daily routine to make sure your eating habits do not take a toll on your beautiful smile.

  1. Brush three times daily (there are some special types of toothpaste that will help you maintain the shine!)
  2. Floss after every meal (obviously, you wouldn’t want debris sitting there on the top of your tooth…)
  3. Use mouthwash whenever you can (yes, we do not want to overburden you with a depressing night time routine, but it will help you maintain your oral health and your shiny smile!)

Will these efforts help in lasting your teeth whitening treatment forever? No! But, what it takes care of your beautiful smile, and make it last more than 3 years. The time period of a teeth whitening service also depends on the type of dental clinic you choose. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our services, so, if you are looking for a great teeth whitening service in Dallas… head to our place!

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