How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth? | Bruxism Treatment

Most people clench and grind their teeth. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism in medical terms, is not normally harmful, but when it occurs frequently, teeth can be badly affected and other oral health issues might arise. In this article, we discuss what teeth grinding is, its causes, and bruxism treatment.

What is Teeth Grinding?

Grinding, gnashing, or clenching your teeth is known as bruxism or teeth grinding. If you have bruxism, you may subconsciously clench or grind your teeth while awake (awake bruxism) or while sleeping (sleep bruxism). Teeth grinding in sleep is classified as a sleep-related movement disorder.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Stress and worry can induce grinding but it is more likely to occur during sleep and is caused by an irregular bite or missing or crooked teeth. A sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, can also cause it.

Most people are not aware that they grind their teeth because it happens while they sleep. A dull, continuous headache or a sore jaw when you wake up, on the other hand, is a telltale sign of bruxism.

This is very frequent in children and teenagers, especially when they are sleeping. When they reach adulthood and their adult teeth have emerged, it usually goes away.

Many times, it is a loved one who can hear the grinding sounds in the middle of the night informs the person that they grind their teeth. Consult your dentist if you believe you are grinding your teeth. They can look for indicators of bruxism in your mouth and jaw, such as jaw pain and excessive wear on the teeth.

How to Stop Grinding your Teeth?

Your dentist can make you a mouth guard to prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. If stress is causing you to grind your teeth, speak with your doctor or dentist about ways to manage the issue. Some of the choices that may be suggested include stress counseling, beginning an exercise program, seeing a physical therapist, or getting a prescription for muscle relaxants. If the grinding is caused by a sleeping condition, addressing it may help to minimize or eradicate the habit.

Additionally, you can try the following tips to prevent teeth grinding:

  • Cutting back on foods and beverages containing caffeine
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Avoid biting and chewing on non-edible items such as pencils
  • Reduce the habit of chewing gum
  • Training yourself to avoid teeth grinding. If you find yourself grinding teeth during the day, you can place the tip of your tongue between the teeth. This can help your jaw muscles to relax
  • At night, you can relax your jaw muscles by holding a warm washcloth against your cheek in front of the earlobe

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