Eliminate the risks of different types of Dental Fillings

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can drive people crazy. Sometimes it is valid…while other times it could be meaningless.

People have this fear in mind that a dental filling can go wrong.

It is true that a tooth filling treatment does contain some risks.

But, can we eliminate them?

If we can, how?

And, which risks are eliminable?

So, let’s clear our vague thoughts and get answers to our questions.

How to eliminate the fear of infections?

Infections do occur after a treatment. It could occur due to two reasons: allergy and side-effects of sedatives.

Allergic reactions of amalgam filling:

Most types of dental fillings are safe. Only amalgam filling with mercury as a key component can involve serious risks, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Amalgam fillings can have neurotoxic effects on your nervous systems and can lead to dangers in the future.

Yes, you can eliminate these risks by informing your dentist regarding your allergies. You can also eliminate the risk completely by choosing another type of dental filling.

Risk of other allergic reactions:

And, for sedatives, allergic reactions can occur for a small period. They may go away in 24 hours.

If not, you must immediately get in touch with your dentist in Dallas for consultation.

Long-term planning!

Some infections occur one to two years after treatment. The reason behind this tooth infection is broken filling.

Yes, the dental filling often pulls out of the tooth and leaves an open feast for bacteria. This can be risky and might cause tooth decay again.

If you want to avoid this risk, all you have to do is to brush gently and keep a check on your dental fillings.

Dental fillings are not damage-resistant!

No, you cannot chew gums and eat crackers and expect your dental fillings to sustain. Dental fillings are strong…but to an extent. They can crack, chip, or break down in such situations.

To avoid this problem, you can cut down on certain foods such as sticky gums, ice, and raw steaks.

Now, let’s have a look at temporary risks!

Sensitivity and discomfort is the only temporary risk of dental fillings. It will vanish after 24 hours.

A downside of dental filling:

With time, it can darken or get stains. If you like to have black coffee three times a day, your dental fillings might not be able to hide it for a long time.

Also, black spots can occur on amalgam fillings.

So, is dental filling safe?

FDA has declared all types of dental fillings safe. Although it does have some potential complications…and most of them can be avoided with simple care and consultation.

The benefits outweigh the risks. Therefore, They are very commonly used to treat tooth decay and minor cosmetic flaws.

But, if you have concerns regarding the safety and complications of dental filling…you can get in touch with our expert dentist in Dallas to share them.

Our dentist will guide what’s best for you.

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