How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth?

Technically known as white spot lesions, white spots on teeth are an early sign of dental decay. Fluorosis (too much fluoride in the mouth), enamel hypoplasia (insufficient development of enamel on the teeth), demineralization of the enamel on the teeth, a low calcium diet, and poor dental hygiene can all cause these white spot lesions. Fortunately, the issue is treatable and reversible.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

Here are a few reasons that can be the reason for white spots on teeth:

  • White patches in young children can be caused by dental fluorosis. When children aged eight and under consume too much fluoride during the development of their teeth, white or brown stains might emerge. Fluorosis can be caused by high fluoride levels in drinking water, children chewing toothpaste, or excessively using a fluoride mouth rinse. In moderate cases, usually white patches or flecks are identified. White patches, pitting, and brown stains might appear in more severe cases
  • Another issue that can affect young children is enamel hypoplasia. It happens when the enamel is weakened by genetics or prenatal vitamin deficits, resulting in white patches, pitting, and other discoloration
  • When children or adults with braces are not as serious about oral hygiene as they should be, it can lead to white spots on teeth. The wires and brackets of braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth. Bacteria that become lodged under the braces come into touch with the tooth enamel. These bacteria cause discoloration by depleting calcium and other minerals. When a patient eats a lot of sugary or acidic food or drinks sugary beverages, the same problem can occur even without braces

How to Remove White Spots on Teeth?

The treatment of white spots on teeth can be performed in a variety of ways. The best course of action is determined by the severity of the problem, the cause of the discoloration, and the patient’s age. Your dentist may approach to fix white spots on teeth in the following ways:

  • Fluoride, in general, prevents demineralization and can aid in the restoration from mild white spots. As a preliminary step, your dentist may propose re-mineralizing your teeth with a topical fluoride paste
  • In some circumstances, traditional tooth whitening with a peroxide-based bleaching product can help
  • Using a specific tool and abrasive paste, enamel microabrasion removes a thin layer of enamel. The dentist then provides bleaching trays for at-home use to complete the treatment
  • Resin infiltration is a new procedure that includes removing a thin layer of enamel and putting a tooth-coloured resin material to the white patches, which is then hardened with a specific light

How to Prevent White Spots on Teeth?

If you have young children, you should determine if the drinking water source at your home has the right amount of fluoride. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drinking water sources should be changed for children ages eight and under if it contains more than two milligrams of fluoride per liter. You can reach out to city/town administration or management to test the water for determining this amount.

Make sure your children (ages 2 to 6) do not swallow the toothpaste. Supervise their brushing times and ensure they use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Additionally, young children do not need a fluoride rinse unless the dentist has recommended it in case of a higher risk of dental decay. Do not use fluoride supplements without consulting a doctor or dentist. Everyone should follow a proper dental hygiene routine, especially if you have braces. Ask your dentist how to properly manage dental hygiene and do not miss your regular dental check-ups.

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