Periodontal Dentistry Treatment

It is normal to confuse periodontitis with pericoronitis. Most people are unaware of the term “periodontal dentistry” too. In this article, we will explain what is periodontal dentistry, and when should you seek help from a professional periodontist.

So, what is Periodontal Dentistry?

It is a branch of dental science that deals with gum infections and diseases. A periodontist is trained to cure severe periodontal diseases. Any periodontal infection that causes inflammation has to be treated rapidly. Avoiding symptoms can lead to severe tooth and gum problems, and would eventually cause tooth loss.

However, periodontal dentistry not only deals with periodontitis, but also revolves around other periodontal issues such as receding gums, and cosmetic purposes. A periodontist is also an expert in different periodontal cosmetic surgeries.

Types of Periodontal Treatments:

There are different types of periodontal treatments; surgical, non-surgical, regenerative, and cosmetic.

Non-surgical periodontal treatments:

These treatments are less invasive and affordable. Most of them are restorative periodontal treatments.

SRP (Scaling and Root Planing)

SRP is the most common periodontal treatment. It involves the process of removing tartar pockets from above and below the gum line.

Tray delivery system

A customized tray helps to medicate the teeth. These medicines are provided by the dentist and it helps in the prevention of tooth decay. It is considered one of the most effective non-surgical treatments.

Laser treatment

A laser can be used to perform the same task of scaling and root planing. It is safe and effective. However, to receive the best advice, connect with your dentist in Dallas.

Surgical treatments

Now, let’s have a brief look at some surgical periodontal treatments…

Periodontal Pocket Reduction

When bacteria form pockets around your teeth, especially below the gum line, the periodontitis gets severe. These bacteria pockets can now damage the bone, gum and would eventually damage the tooth’s health.

In periodontal pocket reduction, your dentist will pull your gums down to clean and restore them.

Gum graft surgery

Gum recession is a periodontal concern too. It is a condition in which a tooth is exposed way too much. A gum graft surgery is all that you need to treat this gingival recession.

This process includes borrowing gum from another part of the mouth and fixing the tooth look.

It is helpful to prevent further gum recession, and also prevents bone loss.

Regenerative treatments

These treatments aim to restore your oral health by regenerating damaged tissues and lost bone. Bone grafting along with membranes and tissue-stimulating proteins helps in reversing some of the damage caused to the bones and tissues.

Periodontal cosmetic treatments

The treatments which help you get a better-looking smile are:

  • Crown lengthening: to help you get rid of a gummy smile! 
  • Gum graft surgery: to help you resolve the receding gum tissue. 
  • Augmentation: to help with the indentation of jawbone and gum.

All of these treatments serve one purpose, the betterment of YOUR HEALTH! You can get the best periodontal dentistry treatments in Dallas at our place. We have experts who care about you!

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