Mouth guards – An Effective Cure For Teeth Grinding

Do you know, around 30 percent of adults unknowingly grind their teeth at night? At first, it might not show their effects, but gradually the effects of teeth grinding start to appear, and they are painful. Excessive teeth grinding not only harms oral health, but also causes toothache, and headaches. Dentists recommend mouth guards in such situations to keep the situation under control.

What are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are covers worn to protect the teeth from teeth grinding or while participating in any sports program. They are soft covers made from plastic, designed especially for each customer.

Types of mouthguards

There are three different types of mouthguards, let’s have a look at them.

Customized mouth guards

You can get these mouth guards from your dentist, designed for your individual use. These mouth guards are crafted using a high-quality material which is why it takes some time for them to manufacture.

Boil and bite mouth guards

These mouth guards are used for sporting events. They are a little less perfect than customized mouth guards. And, you can easily find them at stores selling sporting goods. The name boil and bite indicates that it has to be kept in hot water prior to use. This will help it fit better and get softer.

Stock mouth guards

You are one of the most commonly found, but the lowest quality of mouth guards. They are ready-made for you and as affordable as it gets. They are seldom recommended by dentists as they do little or nothing to guard your teeth.

But, how to know if I need a mouthguard or not?

There are many signs which indicate that mouth guards have become necessary equipment to protect your teeth from further destruction.

  • If your teeth are chipping.
  • You wake up with frequent headaches.
  • You are starting to have a TMJ disorder (pain near the ears or neck).
  • It is required if you are sleeping under stress.
  • Severe teeth clenching (even if you are not doing it consciously).

What is the best time to wear mouth guards?

The most effective time to wear your mouth guard is at night. And we have a few reasons:

  • Your body is healing at night time. So, it helps!
  • You take a break from eating (if you do!)
  • It’s a long break from talking, speaking, and chewing.

So, you can wear it while sleeping easily. They are the same as ordinary mouth guards and you can get them ready-made from a pharmacy or your dentist in Dallas. 

Can children wear mouth guards?

Kids are not really MINDFUL of what they do. And, they are involved in teeth grinding very commonly. Kids cannot harm their teeth by grinding and clenching as they are always changing. However, you will have to consult with your dentist in Dallas to know whether it is necessary for your kid or not.

Bonus tip to make your mouth guard last longer:

Brush your teeth, and put the night guard on! Wash before every use and after taking it off. Keep it away from heat. Wash your mouth guard with regular or lukewarm water. Keep it away from bacteria in an isolated container. To get the best mouth guards in Dallas, contact us now!

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