How to Maintain Healthy Gums?

Never let your comfort zone harm your periodontal health.

Sometimes, we ignore the bacteria building up on the gum line by brushing twice a day and using a mouthwash.

Ignoring the excessive bacteria buildup can open doors to severe periodontal infections and even worse…tooth loss.

So, what’s the best thing to do with these bacteria pockets?

Periodontal cleaning is the answer!

It is different from regular dental cleaning and is far more effective than brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. TWICE.

So, What is Periodontal Cleaning?

There are three aspects of proper periodontal cleaning. Your dentist will get rid of all the bacteria building up by root planing and scaling. Next, your dentist will examine your gums to detect any signs of inflammation or infection.

This treatment has to be performed every 3-4 months. And, you can expect some great results.

Periodontal Maintenance vs Regular Cleaning:

How is periodontal maintenance different from regular cleaning? In dental science, there are three types of treatments:

  1. Preventative treatment: It prevents the infections from occurring.
  2. Restorative treatment: It helps to restore better dental health and get rid of the infection or inflammation.
  3. Cosmetic treatment: Enhances your smile.

Regular dental cleaning or prophylaxis is a preventative, which is required once a year. Whereas, periodontal maintenance is a restorative treatment, and is urgently required if the situation is not under control.

How do periodontal infections affect your mouth?

Periodontal infections are as harmful as other infections.

In the beginning, they are barely visible and do little to no harm. Over time, the bacteria buildup starts to worsen and you can expect some swollen gums and a fine black line on the gum line. This is the time when you MUST head to your dentist, not to make the matters worse!

When you ignore your periodontal health, you can experience painful situations such as puffy gums, excessively RED gums, bleeding, bad breath (believe me, you would never want it), and painful chewing experiences! These severe symptoms are leading to tooth loss.

Therefore, you must act immediately and find a dentist near you to help you restore your gum health. 

What are the benefits of periodontal maintenance?

Healthy gums!

The ultimate purpose of periodontal maintenance is to promote healthy gums. Healthy gums can eliminate bad breath (so, you can cancel the embarrassment that comes with it), and reduces the puffiness which will make you FEEL healthier.

Better looking teeth? Yes!

We had to introduce this benefit. When you get periodontal cleaning treatment, the bizarre black plaque pockets on your gum line vanishes. This not only promises better oral health but also helps in getting the bright smile back. Nothing will hold you back!

Better than ever chewing experience…

What periodontal disease does to your chewing experience is brutal. Post periodontal cleaning, your chewing abilities get restored. So, you will enjoy your favorite ice cream without any pain.

These benefits are too good to ignore. Head to your periodontist now to get yourself treated! You deserve better.

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