Everything About Sedation Dentistry

If the idea of pain is stopping you from getting your essential oral treatments, it won’t anymore. Sedation Dentistry rescues people who are suffering from algophobia (the fear of pain).

So, what is Sedation Dentistry?

The process of using sedation medicines during dental treatment is known as sedation dentistry. Patients undergo treatments without feeling any kind of pain. Some people are in favor of this type of dentistry, while others are against it. It’s you who needs to figure out what works for you. In short, sedation dentistry is an effective way to help patients feel relaxed. Although it is different from anesthesia shots, you can choose different types of sedation dentistry to experience the best.

Types of Sedations

There are different levels of sedations depending on the level of patience of the patient. (Read: severity of fear)

Inhaled Minimal Sedation

When patients inhale nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen, it helps them to relax. The amount of nitrous oxide is minimal, thus resulting in minimal sedation which wears off quite quickly.

Deep Sedation

It is like the general anesthesia shot, which makes the patients either partially or completely unconscious. It feels like sleeping.

IV Sedation

It is injected in the vein of the patient. It works almost immediately.

Oral Sedation

It’s a process that requires pill consumption. It can be controlled from a minimal to moderate dose. Moderate sedation makes the patient sleep on the dentist’s chair.

Well, whichever sedation type you would want to choose, you will be getting an anesthetic shot.

When and who should get sedation?

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, sometimes fear can strike anyone. Most of the sedation processes are safe. However, there are some preconditions set by the dentists. These types of dental treatment seekers are perfect for sedation dentistry.

  • Patients with low pain threshold.
  • Have any problem sitting longer than half an hour.
  • Those who have extremely sensitive teeth.
  • Or someone who requires detailed dental treatment.
  • Also if someone has not a great gag reflex.

Nitrous oxide is perfectly safe for children and all kinds of suggestions are perfectly safe under your dentist’s administration.

Can everyone perform sedation?

Most dentists can perform minimal sedation, such as oral or inhaled sedation. Some can also perform moderate sedation such as IV sedation. A small number of dentists can also perform deep sedation.

But if you consider a technical solution for sedation dentistry, you can consult with an anesthesiologist or your dentist will recommend one for you. An anesthesiologist is someone who can perform sedations of every level to any age group. (They are professional sedation dentists.)

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Usually, it is! But the risk of anaesthesia is too high and depends on various situations. If you have prior issues that might be harmful to you. Patients with issues such as obstructive sleep apnea or obesity should avoid getting a higher dose of sedation. In these matters, your dentist in Dallas can give the best advice, contact them for professional consultation.

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