Everything About Scaling and Root Planing

With continuous snacking on chocolates and chips, our oral health is deteriorating real soon. So what do you think? These binge-eating sessions and chilling will help you in the future… Well, absolutely not!

When your oral health gets out of your hands, your dentist might recommend getting periodontal maintenance.

Periodontal maintenance is an advanced tooth cleaning process in which dentists perform teeth scaling.

What is Tooth Scaling?

Tooth scaling is a significant step to treat severe periodontal disease or gum disease. You might have to visit your dentist more than once to get it done. You might also need anesthetic shots if you have a chronic periodontal infection and receding gums.

When do you need Periodontal Maintenance and Teeth Scaling the most?

If your mouth shows signs of chronic periodontal infection, periodontal maintenance helps in preventing further expansion of the infection.

How does a Periodontal Infection occur?

Periodontal infections occur when you keep ignoring your oral health routine and excessive plaque build-up inside your mouth. These plaque and tartar start to preserve themselves in the form of pockets inside your gums. It is obvious that your toothbrush cannot reach below your gum line, therefore, they become a permanent resident of that area.

Now, these infections are going to cause a lot of inflammation, swollen gums, and what not!

If you keep on ignoring the signs of inflammation, your periodontal infection can eventually lead you to either a bone or a tissue loss or a tooth loss or jelly-like teeth.

What happens during Scaling and Root Planing?

The process of scaling and root planing is sometimes a part of periodontal maintenance. You can also get the teeth scaling process separately.

Anaesthesia Shot:

Teeth scaling is an invasive process. If your pain tolerance is low, your dentist will give you an anaesthetic shot which will ease the pain and numb your gums to make the procedure easy and less time-consuming.


Your dentist will first perform the teeth scaling process to get rid of plaque pockets from your gum line. This process involves some scraping, so you might feel a bit uncomfortable.

Your dentist might use a power scalar or a sonic scaler (an electric device) which will remove stains, plaque, and tartar from your gum line. Or your dentist might also use some hand tools.

Root Planing:

Now it is time to dive deeper into your periodontal maintenance treatment. After scaling, your dentist will perform a detailed root planing to smoothen rough areas above the gum line.

The smoother the surface, the better the prevention from plaque. Root planing is a step that decreases inflammation and helps your gums in the healing process.

Your dentist might ask you to visit them back after some time so that they could check the progress of your teeth and gum’s health.

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