Dental veneers or Dental crowns: What is better?

The search for flawless smile makeovers can take you places.

You will connect to different cosmetic dentists to seek their opinion. Every one of them will suggest different treatments for different cosmetic problems…

That is enough to make you feel foggy!

To make things clear, we are going to discuss two cosmetic treatments that solve one problem that is: discoloration of the tooth or chipped or cracked tooth.

Dental veneers and Dental crowns

Both of the treatments restore the youthful look and help you give a flawless smile. However, the main difference between both treatments is that dental veneers are for the front side of the tooth whereas, a dental crown can cover your entire tooth.

Before you spend a big chunk of money on a cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile. You need to know the difference between both the procedures, the success rate, and how you can get benefit from them.

In this article, we are going to compare both dental veneers and crowns to each other to find out the best solution.

A Dental Crown:

Dentists consider dental crowns perfect for cases where the entire tooth is damaged or cracked in a way that it cannot be covered by a dental veneer.

A dental crown is 2mm thick; made from porcelain, or porcelain-infused metal, or made entirely from metal.

A Dental Veneer:

A dental veneer is considered to be an ideal option when it is required to cover the front teeth’s flaws.

A veneer is 1mm thick. It adheres to the front tooth. It is made from porcelain or composite resin.

What problems can dental crowns and dental veneers hide?

Both of the treatments are known to fix the following problems:

  • Decayed tooth
  • Crooked tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Damaged tooth

Not to forget that the main purpose of both of the treatments is to provide you a flawless smile.

However, a dental crown has an edge over dental veneers as it is more versatile in terms of functionality.

When is a dental crown the better option?

It would be absurd to compare both of the phenomenal cosmetic treatments. What we can do is to find out when each of the treatments is the best.

Dental crowns are perfect for a dental implant treatment or if your tooth has cracked badly. A dental crown can also be used after a root canal treatment. You can also use them if you have worn down teeth.

And when are dental veneers the best option?

Dental veneers are more of a cosmetic treatment. Therefore, you can only use them if you have any e aesthetics issues such as you need shape correction or you want to hide flaws of your front teeth.

How much dental veneers or crown treatment can cost?

Both of the treatments are expensive. Unfortunately, no insurance covers cosmetic treatments… Therefore, you will have to find a dentist that is an expert yet offers affordable dental veneers as well as crowns.

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