Why does a Broken Tooth have to be cured immediately?

If your tooth is knocked out, you pay your dentist an emergency visit.

And, how could you think of delaying a visit to your dentist with a cracked tooth?

Mostly, the delay is caused by the invisible crack.

Broken tooth is not always visible, but the symptoms of a broken tooth are very much visible. So, if you notice any of these symptoms, you know that it’s time to call your dentist immediately.

Common symptoms of broken tooth:

  • Painful chewing experience; particularly on one side.
  • Swelling around the same side.
  • Sensitivity while having sweets, hot and cold food.
  • Painful intervals.
  • Discomfort…

How do teeth crack?

If you have no idea how your teeth broke, you are not alone. Often a tooth breaks due to random activities.

Let’s have a look at how one can break their teeth at home. (Disclaimers: don’t perform these activities, they can cause loads of pain.)

  • Teeth grinding (use a mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding.)
  • Chewing on ice might be thrilling, but it could send chills down the spine.
  • Accidents or sports injuries. (To avoid sports injuries, dentists recommend wearing a mouthguard.)
  • Sudden change in temperature (it is pure chemistry).
  • Age factor!
  • Choosing a bad dentist who applies dental fillings to an extent that they become weaker.

If not cured, these symptoms will worsen with time.

What happens if you don’t treat your broken tooth?

A broken tooth, if left ignored can cause pain and sensitive gums.

Furthermore, it is not a smart decision as it could lead to more severe problems such as tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

There are different types of broken teeth. To repair a broken tooth, your dentist will first find out if it needs immediate treatment or not.

Types of broken teeth:

Cuspthey usually occur near dental filling. They are minor as they do not affect the tooth’s pulp. They are less painful.

Chipthey are tiny cracks occurring in the enamel. They are painless.

Big vertical cracks they are big cracks, visible too, but they do not reach the gumline. If you put further pressure on the teeth, it might crack more. Then, you’ll need tooth extraction surgery. You’ll need immediate care!

Same vertical crack, in opposite directionthis crack will be coming from the gumline to the end. If this crack is small, your teeth could be saved. But if not, the chances of saving your teeth are thin. Consult your dentist in Dallas immediately.

Fracturewhen the teeth cracks from the bottom (below the gum line) to the top. Your teeth will be extracted if that’s the case.

How to treat the broken tooth?

Visit your dentist in Dallas to get a consultation. Your dentist will suggest apt treatments for broken teeth.

All these symptoms are common, and must not be ignored. Ignoring them will not ease your discomfort, but make it severe. The best thing to do is to treat the broken tooth immediately.

And, you know what’s the smartest thing?

Availing the opportunity of treating your broken tooth from the best dentist in Dallas!

Call us now to avail this opportunity!

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