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Digital X-Rays (Dental Radiograph Imaging) – Dallas, TX

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Digital x-rays or radiographs are performed as part of an annual dental examination to provide a more thorough picture of your mouth. They make it easier for experienced dentist Dr. Drew Randall to diagnose issues that are not always easily visible and to understand more about your oral health by showing the interior of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and jaw. There are many dental concerns that may be diagnosed with x-rays, including cavities, decay, abscesses, cysts, bone atrophy, and impactions. If these issues are identified in the early stages, you may have more treatment options that are less invasive. As part of your annual exam at Randall Dentistry in Dallas, TX, digital imaging will help Dr. Randall diagnose and correct dental problems.

Best Candidates

For most patients, digital imaging is included in an annual dental examination. Digital x-rays may be performed for prevention or if you are concerned about a specific problem. Even though digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays, Randall Dentistry tries to limit each patient's exposure. Although digital x-rays are generally safe for all patients, female patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant should inform Dr. Randall at the start of their dental exam so special cautionary steps may be taken.

What to Expect

Generally performed at the start of your appointment, digital imaging takes around 5 – 10 minutes to complete. Many patients will get a set of x-rays to show the needed sections. Once they are done, they will be uploaded to be viewed by you and Dr. Randall throughout your exam. He can show you any issues and talk about possible treatments.


A set of x-rays will usually be taken annually at your dental examination. At certain exams, a full-mouth set may be needed for a complete view of your teeth, gums, and oral bones. Your x-rays will be saved with other information at Randall Dentistry so Dr. Randall can identify trends and address any growing concerns.

Insurance Coverage

Generally, dental insurance plans will pay for digital x-ray costs as part of an annual dental examination. Our office can talk to your insurance to calculate potential payments. If you have any remaining costs or if you are not using insurance, Randall Dentistry takes several methods of payment and we can assist you in finding medical financing.

Digital X-Rays

Digital imaging is a useful tool that can help to diagnose health conditions. As a part of an annual dental examination, digital x-rays can give Dr. Randall an in-depth understanding that allows him to identify hidden problems to be treated before they develop further. To improve your oral health, contact our team in Dallas, TX to make an appointment for your dental examination with digital imaging.

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